Announcing the Beachfront Property Tour

montecristo-propertyWe hope all our readers had a wonderful Christmas and holiday season with family and friends.  We’re wishing that the year ahead is safe, healthy and prosperous for all.

During the month of December we worked hard to finishing designing, scheduling and pricing our new tour, the Beachfront Property tour of the Nicaraguan Pacific coast and it’s finally ready for all to see.  There had been many inquiries from those of you who were interested in this tour for quite some time, so it’s here and we want you to take a look.

Those of you who wanted this tour have already visited Nicaragua at least once, so you’re no stranger to this beautiful country.  You’ve done a lot of reading and researching about Nicaragua, know the realities of the country and you are seriously looking for a home on the Pacific coastline.  That’s where this tour will come in very handy to you.


Nicaragua has more than its fair share of pristine beaches

Our new fully-escorted tour begins in Managua where we will wait for all our guests to arrive at the beautiful and ultra-stylish Hotel Contempo.  Check out the hotels we use here.  On the second day after breakfast, we will be holding a presentation by the experts (some Nicaraguan professionals and expats who have been living and working in Nicaragua for a very long time).  They will speak on subjects such as real estate investment, buying property in Nicaragua, making the move to Nicaragua. One of our experts, Turalu Brady Murdock, will share vital information on “What to Watch out for When Buying Property Outside of your Home Country.” This will be followed by a roundtable discussion whereby these experts and expats will sit with you and answer all your questions you’ve prepared for them.

Next on the agenda, we will take you on a short tour to visit Nicaragua’s top healthcare facility – because we believe that not only is owning the house on the beach important to you, but you’ve been asking about your health care options in your future home.


Properties at Gran Pacifica

Next we start the Beachfront Property tour.  We will take you  to view some of the best of real estate properties this beautiful country has to offer.  We will travel from Managua to the sleepy beach side towns of Poneloya and Las Penitas, enjoy a lunch of freshly caught sea food (or anything else you wish) at a restaurant on the beach  and then head for a look at some of the properties.  We will also see what Playa Santa Rosa has to offer.  Next on our itinerary are the beach  communities of  Montecristo, Gran Pacifica (where we’ll stay a couple of nights to enjoy a fun day), Hacienda Iguana Golf and Beach Club, Rancho Santana, and then on to San Juan del Sur and the surrounding areas to see a few properties there.

After the tour winds up in San Juan del Sur, you will have the option of either staying longer in Nicaragua on your own or hopping back on the air conditioned bus to catch your flight from Managua.

We’ve had quite a few requests about this tour.  This tour is specifically designed for those who have a goal in mind.  It is NOT a beach vacation tour  though we’ll have some time for a round of golf if you wish.  There’s time for a walk or swim at several of the beaches, a few fantastic sunsets, but this is a serious working holiday.  It’s a time for doing your research, finding out exactly what’s available and learning to avoid the pitfalls of buying property overseas.  This is a particularly important feature of the tour.

You will need to know the facts so you are prepared to deal with the any potential pitfalls you might encounter if you were not prepared.  This tour will also give you an opportunity to make some valuable connections with people who know how the “system” works and can help you to maneuver your way through the bureaucracy and “tie-ups.”  Nicaragua, is, after all, not North America.  It’s different country from America with its own set of rules, laws, factors and you have to know your way.

On the beachfront property tour you will have the opportunity to view rentals, casitas, condos, homes and villas starting at approximately $95,000,000 and up.  You’ll see the best of what Nicaragua has to offer in the way of the oceanfront lifestyle. You’ll experience the pristine wave-swept beaches of the shores of Nicaragua from Playa Santa Rosa to San Juan del Sur. You’ll learn why Nicaragua now makes sense as a place to put down roots. Whether shopping for a vacation home, an investment property or a retirement home, see the best of the Pacific coast of Nicaragua – all in one fully-escorted tour. We promise you an interesting, eye-opening tour.

We are not in the real estate sales business, not real estate agents but we have connections with a few good ones you need to know.  We are so excited about the opportunities in Nicaragua we just had to share this Beachfront Property Tour with you. Learn more about this exciting new tour.

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