Booking your Flight to Nicaragua


Flying to Nicaragua

Booking your flight to Nicaragua and the reasons why you should book early.

I highly recommend that if  you’re planning to join us of our Nicaraguan tours:  book your flight early and fast!  I’ll tell you why.

If you live outside the cities of Atlanta, Miami, and Houston, there are NO direct flights to the Augusto C. Sandino Airport in Managua (MGA) at the current time. This means, folks, that your day of travel to Managua is literally that, a full day of travel with a stopover of various lengths from 55 minutes to sometimes up to 22 hours, meaning you either have to get a hotel or, heaven forbid, sleep in an airport!  Well, we’re not all of backpacking age and I don’t think this is a viable option for most of us.

If you are flying from a city or country outside of Atlanta, Miami, and Houston, your stopover could be in any of the following cities’  international airports:  Panama, Costa Rica, San Jose Juan Santamaria airport (SJO), or San Salvador airport (SAL).  Passengers flying in from Europe would do best fly into JFK airport (JFK) in New York  and then transfer on to Miami for their next flight to Managua international airport.

Airlines that fly to Managua include American Airlines, Delta Airlines, TACA (LACSA), Westjet, Air Canada and Copa airlines.  TACA airlines at the time of writing this article, still gives free meals and drinks on board their flights.  Other airlines no longer offer anything for free and are even charging baggage fees for your one and only suitcase.  The days of freebies are vanishing quickly.  Not much for free anymore.

We can book your flights to Managua if you wish our assistance.  If you don’t know it already, we are a licensed travel agency.  If you want to book your flight yourself, we recommend CheapOair, just click on the following link to check out their rates:  Book Cheap Air tickets with CheapOair & Save Big on Travel. They offer the best rates for flights to Managua and often offer discounts and special promotions on flight costs.  I won’t mention other flight booking companies here but I have found  they charge higher rates for booking flights to Managua.

Another thing to take note of:  be sure to check the layover times on whatever airline flight you do choose.  Sometimes paying a few more dollars for your flight will save you both a hotel fee, or an awfully long wait in an airport and/or the inconvenience of arriving on the wrong day.  We don’t want you to arrive late for any conference or tour you decide to book with us.  And, remember, pack lightly for your trip to Nicaragua because it’s tiring dragging around a huge suitcase.  Check out our article on “What to Pack for a Nicaraguan Vacation” here.  Personally, I’m even considering bringing a large backpack the next time we do a tour.  The most important things you need to bring as far as clothes are concerned are shorts, t shirts, loose cotton shirts and comfortable walking shoes.

If you are planning to join us on our January 20 – 25th Highlights of Nicaragua tour or the Central American Advantage Investment Conference in Managua, you must book your flight soon because the flights are booking up fast!

It’s a pity there are no direct flights to Managua from more cities for our American and Canadian fellow travelers, making it a little easier for people to visit Nicaragua. However, I suspect that soon one airline will realize what a popular place Nicaragua is becoming as a travel destination and take the lead.

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