Nature at the Selva Negra Resort

If you know us well, you’ll know we have a video channel at YouTube where we like to share our movies of life in Nicaragua. We’ve just added a video which we are sure you’ll like – of the wonderful tropical flora and fauna at the Selva Negra Resort located in the mountains a little north of Matagalpa. If you’re a nature lover, love to bird watch, a coffee connoisseur or interested in sustainable tourism destinations, this is the place to go.

We offer a two day visit to the Selva Negra Resort on our 12 Day Fact Finding tour which launches again in May of this year. This is an opportunity for retirees, entrepreneurs to get a great overview of the country of Nicaragua. As well, we are offering a conference led by experts who will speak on various topics that entrepreneurs and retirees who are relocating to Nicaragua will find interesting and informative.  Check out the itinerary of the Fact Finding tour to Nicaragua here on our website.  Our brochure for this tour is also available on our blog on the Tour Brochures page.

Until you reach the Selva Negra resort on our tour, enjoy the video and get a taste of life and nature at the Selva Negra Resort.  Visit our YouTube channel to watch all our videos at NicaTour Group on YouTube.

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