New! The Highlights of Nicaragua Tour

street-in-granadaWe’re offering a new tour in Nicaragua called the “Highlights of Nicaragua Tour”  which will have it’s first run January 20 – 25, 2013.  It’s a six day fully-escorted tour which will take you on an air conditioned bus to the most well known parts of Nicaragua.  This is the perfect way to get your introduction to Nicaragua and enjoy a “taste of Nicaragua.”  We’re willing to bet that after this tour, you’ll be back!

Highlighted on this exquisite tour are the two important Colonial cities of Nicaragua: Leon and Granada, as well as the famous San Juan del Sur and the beach at Montecristo.  What’s more, if you’re thinking of investing in Nicaragua as a potential investor, retiree or future home owner, our Highlights of Nicaragua tour will follow immediately after the Central American Advantage Investment Symposium (January 15 – 20, 2013).  The Central American Advantage Investment Symposium is a three day conference followed by a day of service (volunteer work) and a fun day at Gran Pacifica.  You can then join our tour right after the day of fun at Gran Pacifica.

What’s included in this wonderful tour of Nicaragua?  We’ll meet in the lobby of the Seminole Plaza Hotel and then head to Leon where we will take you on a walking tour of Leon.  Additionally, we’ll take a quick “cost of living” tour in Leon to find out what the necessities of life such as appliances, electronics and food really costs.  We will then head to the beach at Montecristo to enjoy lunch and a day at the beach.  We will then drive to Granada to spend two days in this lovely Colonial town.  Next on the tour, we will take you to the small seaside town of San Juan del Sur.   On the last day, we’ll then take you back to Managua where you can either fly home or stay longer in Nicaragua to explore on your own.  All hotels, breakfasts, tours, some dinners, and transportation in a private bus with air conditioning are included.  All this for only $875 per person, based on double occupancy.  If you’re coming alone, the single supplement is only $125 more.  This tour is a “taste” of Nicaragua and I’m sure you’ll be back for more after you have discovered Nicaragua the first time.

If you’re price shopping for tours to suit your budget, you will know this is an extremely reasonable price for a tour in Nicaragua.  This tour is suitable for groups, students, couples and singles and seniors.  This is one of the best value tours available in Nicaragua.

It’s the best tour of Nicaragua at a reasonable price and will allow you to get to know Nicaragua, brought to you by NicaTour Group.  NicaTour Group offers licensed touring and bilingual experienced tour guides in Nicaragua and uses an INTUR licensed tour company for our transportation needs.

To learn more about the itinerary, visit our website.

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