Our Nicaragua Fact Finding Tour

Nicaragua-retirement-tourLet me get right to the point. I want you to come to Nicaragua with us on our 12 Day Nicaraguan Fact Finding Tour. Perhaps you are planning to retire in Nicaragua? Maybe you are relocating to begin a business in an economy that’s ripe for entrepreneurs. We’ll take you on a fully-escorted tour and give you the opportunity to listen to and speak with the experts in Nicaragua on what you need to know before you move to Nicaragua.
Enough is enough!

Have you had enough of the hustle and stress of the typical North American lifestyle?
Have you had it with the exorbitant cost of health care and medications, high taxes and the never-ending rising cost of living in North America?  Are you fed up with winter and dream of living in a tropical climate?

The benefits of living in Nicaragua

beach-homes-monte-cristoWhen looking at Nicaragua as a place to call home, there are many reasons why this decision makes perfect sense. The climate, of course, is tropical so heating and clothing bills are reduced or non-existent. There are excellent modern healthcare facilities available in the major cities with an affordable transport system to get you there should you choose to live in a more remote area of the country.

The cost of living is still affordable. Property prices and taxes are lower than anything comparable in the US and Canada and there’s still plenty of beach front property available. What’s more, Nicaragua has been rated as the safest country in Central America. Immigration is made easy for investors and retirees through government programs.  These attractive necessities are backed up by a stable and democratic government, friendly locals or “Nicas” who are always willing to share information or let you try out your Spanish in a vibrant Latin American culture.

Nicaragua now possesses an attractive investment climate that encourages the newly transplanted ex-pat to put down roots, making long commutes to the office in your home country a distant memory. Economic growth is currently on the rise and predicted to continue in this fashion over the next five years.

Perhaps now is the time to come join our tour of Nicaragua and see for yourself what is available. Our company, the NicaTour Group offers you the chance to experience a wonderful lifestyle tour of Nicaragua. Come visit its towns, experience the lifestyle and learn about necessary information you will need for retiring and investing. This tour will let you experience the wildlife, the volcanoes, the unspoiled beaches, urban centers and fabulous Latin culture.

Meet the Experts

The NicaTour Group offers the most comprehensive tour featuring a mini conference in Managua. We’re willing to bet you won’t find another tour like it from your travel agent or  the internet. Keynote speakers such as Tuey Murdock, Chale Espinosa, Mike Cobb and Sergio David Corrales Montenegro will present on the most vital information you need to know when you make the move to Nicaragua. These experts will be speaking on subjects such as investing, title insurance, immigration and legal issues, providing you with the advice you need and want before you make this important decision. You will have the opportunity to ask them anything you need to know. The choice is a simple one, not “if” moving here makes sense, but “when” can I leave the hustle and stress behind.  When can I begin to enjoy a peaceful and healthy lifestyle again?

Take the tour while there’s space and the opportunity is still open. Come and see for yourself why Nicaragua should be your new home.

You are probably asking, “why should I take this tour offered by the NicaTour Group?” You’re right to ask. You may have been searching around the internet for such a tour, you might have noticed the asking price is too high. Other tours don’t cover enough of the country and you’ve already been to Granada and San Juan del Sur. Perhaps you want to learn the facts about moving to Nicaragua. Other tours don’t offer a comprehensive fully-escorted tour with a conference of experts presenting on the subjects you want to hear about.

NicaTour Group’s relocation/retirement tour is geared to those people, like you who want to learn about Nicaragua and see as much of Nicaragua as they can. All in one tour. You want to know why Nicaragua makes so much sense. This is the tour for you.

To view the full itinerary of this 12 Day Fact Finding tour, learn more . To reserve your place on this innovative tour, visit our tour registration page.

If you can see yourself waking up without the morning gridlock and experiencing a great cup of coffee as you plan the next day of your new life, sign up by October 22nd and save $100 on the full tour price of $2,367 US per person based on double occupancy. Find a friend to come with you and we’ll give you another $25 off your total booking price. You’ll pay only $2,242 for your seat.  Bring another friend along and you’ll save another $25.  Now that’s one sweet offer!

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